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Benefits of working with us

  • Improve your business competitivity compare to other local stores by offering the latest in-demand services that is cryptocurrency trading via our Bitcoin ATMs or Our P.O.S. Software.
  • Earn an interesting percentage based on the processed transactions.
  • Attract new customers by expanding your targeted audience, adding more visits to your local business, adding potential sales.
  • Ultralow maintenance! Times to times you will have to refill ticket's paper (only for the Bitcoin ATMs), that's it.
  • No maintenance for you, no technical knowledge needed! We handle everything.
  • We offer a 24/24h 7/7d support for our customers, so you won't have to handle any problems.
  • Increase your digital presence: your store will be featured on Coin ATM Radar, Google locations, our website and on our social network's pages.
  • Our Bitcoin ATM Network and our P.O.S. Software are 100% Swiss based and implemented!

Become a pioneer by joining the crypto market by using our Bitcoin ATM or our P.O.S. Software at your business location, you add a valuable service to customers that requires minimal effort, no investment, and opens up your business to more revenue potential.

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Do you own an interesting location and are you also interested in cryptocurrencies? So why not give your customers the opportunity to conveniently buy and sell cryptocurrencies? We are happy to equip your business with one of our Bitcoin-ATM or our P.O.S. Software.

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